Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fighting the good fight!

For several days O has been puttering around the floor. Not crawling fast, but demonstrating the traits of a baby who is about to be on the go. In addition to that, she has been sitting up from a reclining position, and pulling herself up on whatever was around. However, this is the first time that she actually scared me with her acrobatics...

Yesterday, she was (supposed to be) taking a nap, when I heard her playing. Never did I dream she would be standing in her crib! I was freaked out! Well, this is apparently her new favorite thing to do. Tonight, we fought her for a solid hour to get her to lay down and go to sleep. Each time one of us went in, she was either standing or sitting and trying to pull up on a different side of the crib. Lordy, here we go....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A New Day

There are so many things happening so fast...
Olivia is a crawler. In a matter of days, it seems, she is scooting all over the living room. She is no crawling powerhouse, at least not yet, but she is getting there. (As soon as she gets fast enough, there will be video. It sometimes takes her longer than a minute to get moving...)
Olivia is pulling up. On everything. The side of the crib, the bathtub, our legs, whatever. We have to lower the bottom of the crib tomorrow.
Olivia is rolling all over the place. Just last week she could only roll from her belly to her back. Now she flips all over the crib, floor, and changing table.

I had to go back to school this week and leave her again. I did well not crying, well, maybe I did a little, but I am very thankful for those few days before the kids get there, just so I could adjust to not being with her during the day. As tiring as it is taking care of her full time, I miss it so much. She is my heart.

Our babysitter? Her dad. Michael is being a stay-at-home dad and full time college student this semester. When he is in class she will be with my grandmother. He has gotten a pretty good taste of just how tiring being a full-time parent is. I'm thankful for him though. He's doing the cooking and the cleaning too. Such a good man. :)

I'm off to a good start at school. This is the first time I have had to teach Freshmen in four or so years. I think I actually missed it. I really do like my ninth graders. They are still sweet; I hope that I have not just jinxed myself. I have successfully managed to keep my New Year's resolution by dressing professionally and feeling better about myself. And that big fat Premier CZ ring doesn't hurt. One of my students asked me yesterday if it was real...I told him, "Yes." :)