Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Tisket, a Tasket, a Bitty in the Basket!

Last night we went over to Mattie and Katherine's new house (YAY for y'all!!) to eat. We hung out for a bit and played board games. Olivia particularly loved hanging out, as usual. Their new house is beautiful and I am so happy for them, even though I think the idea as a whole is poopy.

Olivia was answering a particularly difficult question during "Battle of the Sexes". She got it right though. The boys still think that the game is gender biased toward the girls...

Bitty sat around in a basket just for fun.

She also thoroughly enjoyed playing with Jack, Meagan and David's new pup.

8 Months

Time changes everything. They grow right before your eyes. "They grow up so fast..." on the lips of everyone who has children who are grown. I reply, "I don't want to talk about it!" mainly because I know that if I do, tears will well up in my eyes and I would probably embarrass myself. I do get teary thinking about her first day of kindergarten, her Sweet 16, her wedding... I love her more every day - even the whiney ones - because I know she gets it from me...

So, she's eight months old now. She is a crawling machine. It is no feat for her to get from the living room to our master bath in a minute. She pulls up on anything that will stay still long enough for her to latch on. Michael found her in our bedroom the other day standing at the side of our bed. She is eating lots of solids. She is more interested in whatever is on our fork - even if she's already eating something. She has four teeth, and we're pretty sure she's getting a few more, based on recent whineyness. She has a great little personality. She gives big hugs. She is precious. She is mine, and I am thankful for these eight months.