Monday, March 30, 2009

Two months old!

Okay, seriously...I'll try not to say this at every birthday post, but... I can't believe it's been two months already!! Well, Thursday. But Thursday's a whole other post...

The main thing to report is the smiles...She smiles all the time! When she's not crying, she really is a happy baby! She is doing all the cool things that a two month old should be doing, and according to she is actually ahead of her average baby peers. I took some pictures today to commemorate the two months because I know how hectic Thursday will be. Here are a few.

This was my dress and bonnet as a baby. She wasn't a big fan.
She was cool with just the bonnet.
Mother/daughter picture time was not so successful.But after a nap, clean panties, and a bottle, we got a few smiles.This was my favorite picture of all that day!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Three Weeks

Yes, I know it's been three weeks. However, since she is still an infant, there really isn't much to update...she eats, sleeps, cries, and poops. Pretty much in that order. But here's the latest all lumped together:

As of last Saturday, she weighed 10.6 pounds. I guess this is good. She doesn't go back to the doctor until April 13th. She is doing REALLY well sleeping through the night. Last night alone she slept over 8 hours. What a blessing...I needed it after the last few days I've had (hold on, I'll explain...). Bath time is much better. She rarely ever cries anymore. I guess she figures it's going to happen whether she likes it or not, so she complies. I wouldn't say she loves it, she just doesn't hate it as much. We got some lavender baby bath (her "purple bath") and that has appeared to aide in her sleeping. Her best mood is right after she has her first morning bottle. She smiles, coos, and is just overall happy. This is my favorite time. I am sad that this time with her will soon be non-existent, but I can't think about that. She LOVES the shelf/polka dot on the wall in her bedroom. It seems as though her favorite place to be is on her changing table looking at that spot; we're just not sure exactly which one makes her so happy. She got a new rocking chair two weeks ago and seems to like it a lot. It has hanging toys that play music, so she stares and smiles. Oh, and it vibrates, but that doesn't seem to phase her at all. She holds her head up regularly and for long periods now. She will sit in her Bumbo (I've called it BumPo for the longest...I was wrong.) now in the kitchen and watch us cooking or cleaning. She just likes being with us, which is cool. Two nights ago she was sitting in it on the counter while Michael cooked spaghetti. She just watched everything he did. It was really cute (but I was working really hard and didn't have time to go get the camera out of the car...). In her Bumbo she looks like a little Buddha or mini-Alfred Hitchcock. This is an example:

She doesn't have to be propped up anymore, but she still looks squatty in it!

I am getting better in interpreting her cries. It's mainly based on time of day, but I can tell now when it's hunger vs. tired. She gets really whiny right before she needs to sleep. She hasn't rolled over officially yet- that other time was definitely a fluke. But, she is getting closer. We have seen her several times do the weeble-wobble thing with her booty, but she always lands back on her tummy.

Well, I think that's about it, right now, for her.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Schedule

We have been working on keeping Miss Priss on a schedule since we came home from the hospital. In the NICU they had her eating every three hours, which was fine. I could handle that. So when we were discharged, the nurse instructed us to continue waking her up to eat every three hours until we went to see her pediatrician. At the appointment, Dr. Roberts told us then to only wake her to eat during the day, and let her go as long as she would during the night. For the first two weeks at home, she was only going every four hours or so, then she would wake up crying and hungry. Well, for about the last four nights or so, she has been going much longer. I hesitated to blog on this for fear it was a fluke (like her rolling over trick...), but she has been sleeping 6 or 7 hours! Last night she went to sleep at 10:30, I laid her down at 10:45, and at 6:50 this morning, I panicked and poked her just to make sure!! I think had I not poked her, the girl would still be asleep! YAY!!

The Snow Day

I was just as shocked as everyone else in Tuscaloosa who woke up to a little over two inches of snow Sunday morning! Ours was quite the eventful day, and it didn't even really involve the snow. It was a about 6 am, and I was showing O the snow outside, and there goes Sadie running across the front yard... She had dug out of the fence in the backyard and was running like she'd been in a 2ft cell for 20 years. Geez... so after rounding her back up, cleaning up the mud that she and Jonah tracked in the house, and feeding the girl...Michael and I were pretty tired. Olivia went back to sleep after breakfast, so I took a nap too. The weather report said that it would snow until at least Noon, so I was just going to bundle her up and take pictures then. However, when I woke up...there was no snow. I actually wondered for a split second if I was going crazy - was there ever any snow?? Yeah, there was still some on the vehicles, so I hadn't lost my mind, but there would be no snowman on Olivia's first snow day. At least not a big one...I managed to scrape together some in order to give my baby a snow man!!
Some pictures I took before the nap!

Olivia's (makeshift) snowman! With no other snow in the yard...