Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Break

Over the break, we didn't do much of anything because the weather was so yucky. It rained and was cold seven of the ten days we were out. On Thursday it finally warmed up enough that we could enjoy being outside for a little while. So, we donned our overall shorts and went to see the "puh-pees"!
Smiling for the camera

She LOVES Sadie and Jonah

On Friday we went to the Riverwalk Park in downtown Tuscaloosa. On the end that we were on there wasn't much of anything to do but walk, so after our Hardee's picnic, we just took some time to spend as a family and enjoy God's beautiful work!

My favorite picture of the WHOLE week.

The river was muddy, but she didn't seem to care

Walking back up the river, Bitty decided she needed a break

So Michael and I took her break time for a photo op.

After the river we rode over to Mom's house. We learned that Bitty loves being outside, but she does NOT love the grass. If she could have stayed on this concrete slab she would have.
Swinging with Gramma

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The House, The Home

Two weeks ago in Sunday School we started a new study on The Home that God Blesses. We have an amazing Sunday School teacher who really knows and loves God's Word, and she is infectious with it. For our first weeks homework we were instructed to create a notebook for class that exemplified our house and home. This is what I chose for ours.

This is our house. We have lived here for almost five years - so hard to believe. We have made it very cozy, often messy, mostly loud, but full of love. I love our house, and I am so thankful for how God has blessed us while in this house. His love for us is amazing, and he shows us everyday.

This is how I know: The pictures that I chose for our home. The only thing not pictured here is our family picture from the beach that has gone missing from my computer, but that's just a tiny glitch in the grand scheme.
This post is pretty much the meaning behind our blog title. Through God, our home and love has multiplied, and it is such a beautiful feeling. My prayer through this Home study is that we learn how to better become a God-centered family and raise Olivia to love Jesus the way He (and we) love her.
My world...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Baseball Game

Spring time is my favorite time of year. (Well, until Fall and football season!) I don't like to be extremely cold or hot, but I like to walk, run, and play outside. Spring's temperature fits that mold perfectly. I also like to spend time at ball games. I enjoy Bryant baseball and softball, and am even excited about going to some soccer games. Last night, Bitty and I were kind of bored, and Bryant's Varsity Baseball team was playing at home, so we decided to go. Bitty was much more interested in the puppies that were there rather than the game, but still we had fun and snapped some great pictures! PUH-PEE, PUH-PEE!! (All the way home...)

Checking for "bag fries" in the hood of her car.
"You talkin' to me?"

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Dancer

Michael and I are nerds. We know it. We accept it. We are turning our child into one, and she's accepting it, too. Here's what I mean: we TiVo Jeopardy, and have for as long as we've had the ability to. We watch Jeopardy almost daily, and well, it has a catchy theme song, to say the least. Bitty seems to think so, too. She has never really danced much, but to the Jeopardy theme song she gets DOWN!

(BTW -- while I was previewing the video before uploading it to the blog, she heard the music through the computer and started dancing to her own dancing video!)

The Beautiful Day

Last Sunday was the first pretty day of Spring. Bitty wasn't feeling great, but we took the opportunity to get out and get some fresh air. We played in the front yard with sidewalk chalk and bubbles for a little while; Bitty beat Daddy in Tic-Tac-Toe. She's just that good. After having fun in the front yard, we moved on to the park. We went down the very staticky slide and crawled through all the tunnels. However, her favorite part of the park was swinging on the swings. She just giggled the whole time despite feeling icky. I look forward to so many more fun Spring days!