Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Flood of Water and Emotions

Flood of Water:
God told Noah to build an Ark. We didn't necessarily get that warning, or any warning for that matter. When I walked up to the school building this morning, I saw from a distance what appeared to be ice coming from the front door. As I got closer, it looked like a scene from some sci-fi, X-Man movie where the guy can shoot sheets of ice from his hands. So, I eased around to the other entrance, only to be greeted by Mrs. Cassity - Cheshire cat grin included - and she asked whether I wanted the good news or the bad. The bad news? A pipe burst and flooded a third of our school, my room included. The good? It didn't bust in my room, as it did a few years ago with only a minor mess. The ice came from the water that had been gushing from the front doors since an unknown hour this morning. When Mr. O'Rourke, our amazing custodian, got there this morning, he was greeted by the water literally pouring out of the building.
Looking into my classroom. Those ceiling tiles are from the room across the hall where it all started.
My classroom. If you look hard you can see where the water comes up the bottom of the stool. Laren's room. Water standing about 2 inches here, too.
The room where it all started. That's dirt accompanying the water.
Where the ceiling literally fell out. What you can't see to the left is how the ceiling braces broke through.
Looking out of the office doors. Servpro finally arrived around 9. Apparently they don't do things in a hurry.

Looking down the hall toward the History wing.The area in front of Mrs. Free's and Mrs. Cassity's offices. Mrs. Cassity's office. There shouldn't be a glare from the carpet. We worked through the morning to get stuff off the floor so it could begin drying. Servpro came in after that to start sucking up the water. When I left a little after 3 today, they were still working hard. Good thing a blizzard is coming tomorrow, and the powers that be cancelled school.

Flood of Emotions:

If wading through two inches of water just to get to my classroom weren't enough, I got some of the worst news (in my opinion, anyway) that I could get pertaining to school. We learned today that the best principal, albeit the ONLY principal, but definitely the BEST principal I have ever had, is moving on to bigger and better things. Not all is 100% official, yet. She is still waiting on the approval of two different boards, but for us, the end is coming. Now, I realize that I haven't been pregnant for quite sometime, but I still seem to be at an all-time emotional high. I greatly appreciate her telling me a few minutes in advance, so I didn't blubber like an idiot in front of a group. I just cried a little - hearing it the second time around did NOT make it easier, only softened the blow a bit. I am so thankful and appreciative of the time that I have had to work with her. I feel like I learned so much. I am so happy for her and the opportunity that she is soon about to have; I know it is a step in the higher direction for her. And, like she said this morning, God's timing is NOT always what we have laid our for our lives. However, selfishly somewhere in the back of my fantasy world, she would be my principal until I retired (which would put me in my 50s and her almost 70...), but I know that all good things must come to and end. She is loved (even still!) and will be greatly missed, because she is MUCH more than my boss. :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Name

I have wanted to be a mom forever. I look back at pictures of me coddling my dolls, giving them bottles, and pushing them around in miniature strollers. I have DREAMED of being called Mommy. It's such a sweet word that means so many different things. Comfort. Love. Warmth. Protection. Devotion. I find all of these qualities in my own mother which is why she is so precious to me, although I don't call her Mommy anymore. So, is it what you are called as a mother that is what is special, or is it just that you are called?
For a few weeks now I have notice Olivia repeating "BeeBee" - a LOT. At first I thought she was saying "baby", or maybe even referring to some toy. But then she started patting me and saying "BeeBee". that me? Am I her BeeBee? I woke up this morning before she did and some piddling around the house. She coughed herself awake (bless her heart!), so I decided to go ahead and fix her milk cup before she got riled up. Standing in the kitchen making that cup, I heard her singing "BeeBeebeeBeeBeeeeeee..." and my heart swelled. I know that she wanted me. Her BeeBee. I don't care that it's not Mommy. She doesn't care, either.

Friday, January 1, 2010

So long 2009...You were a GREAT year!!

Wow...what an amazing year we have had...

In January, I was able to make it through my ninth month of pregnancy without a hitch. In fact, I was due on January 29th, but was sitting that night at Open House at school because she just wasn't coming. The only reason I made my last day of work the 27th was because I was afraid my water would break in front of my classroom!

So...on Monday, February 2nd, after several :) hours of labor, we went in after her! Olivia gave us a pretty good scare by not breathing and staying in the NICU for a week. I remember this is an extremely difficult, yet joyous month. I was pretty depressed for a few weeks relating to the pregnancy and breastfeeding, etc..., but thank goodness it didn't last too long.

Sometime around the middle of March, Olivia started sleeping pretty much through the night. Thank you, LORD. We were so blessed with this. It makes me nervous to even consider another child, because surely I couldn't be blessed twice with this! It didn't help that I was the Yearbook sponsor and the final product was due March 23rd... (I'm SO glad that's over with!)

The best part of April was Spring Break! I finished up maternity leave around the first week of April, had to work a week and a half, then got to be out again for a week for Spring Break! Sweet.

Obviously May is a time to rejoice because school's out for summer, but that and our beach trip was about it. We found out around the middle of May that Michael would be losing his job at the end of the month. We weren't sure what was going to happen after this; however, God was in control, even if we weren't too sure about it.

With June, Michael enrolled for the Summer schedule at Shelton. He already had about a year's worth of classes under his belt, but he started these courses with graduation in mind. Olivia, who by now is officially "Bitty" (which started as Itty Bitty Baby, then Bitty Baby, then just Bitty), is just growing and growing. She started eating solids in June, and had a new found addiction for Baby Einstein (which she has not grown out of).

We relaxed most of July, but at the end I was having to rev myself back up for the school year. July was tough for Bitty because she was cutting her first teeth. (Now she has 6+!) I was sad because I knew that it was going to be extremely difficult for me because I had just spent all summer with her and Michael.

August brought first day of school jitters. Michael became a stay-at-home Dad. I appreciate him so much for this. We have pretty much swapped roles, and he is doing an amazing job with Bitty. I am mostly very jealous of him because of the time that he gets to spend with her, but I am so glad for her that she gets to spend all of this time with her Daddy. Most children never get this opportunity.

In September, Olivia became a crawler. Lordy she is FAST and into everything! This was great to see, but the best part of the month was Bryant winning it's first football game in years - literally breaking a 30something game losing streak. I cried, I cheered, I stormed the field like a 17 year old. It was the best night.

October was a busy month. Not many breaks at school, and we tried to go to almost every Bryant game, which dominated our Friday nights. Bitty turned 8 months old and celebrated (sort of...) her first Halloween as a Giraffe Ballerina. We only trick-or-treated two houses. :)

November was a month of thanksgiving. We had so many things to be thankful for, as you have already read! We celebrated Thanksgiving several different times, ate great food, and spent valuable time with family. Alabama won the Iron Bowl and ended the month and season with an undefeated record...setting us up for a trip to the SEC championship.

December and May are my favorite months, because school is winding down and that means I can rest up and get ready for a fresh start. We started the month celebrating with our Sunday School class and a SEC championship for our team...Roll Tide! We ended the month celebrating the birth of Christ and Bitty's first Christmas. She didn't really understand the meaning of Christmas, or opening presents, or what any of it meant, but I think she had as much fun as an 11 month old could have! :)

All in all, even with the uncertainties of jobs, school, and money, we have had an unbelievably amazing year. We have grown closer as a couple, as a family, and to our friends. We thank God for all of our blessings, and we pray that they continue into 2010. We also thank you who have supported us with prayers, words, and in other ways. We love you so much and hope that God blesses you more.