Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Up until Friday night, the Bryant Stampede held the longest running losing streak in the state of Alabama. Not something necessarily befitting of a name that represents the legend of Paul "Bear" Bryant - a football champion. However, that streak is over. For the first time in 3 years, Bryant High School walked away with a victory. After 30 straight losses, the scoreboard finally lit up, and remained so, in our favor. It was miraculous. I screamed loud. I sobbed hard. I prayed harder - along with everyone else there. "Please God, LET THIS BE IT!" As we pushed through the line the final time, the refs threw up their arms in indication of a touchdown, and I had never felt so high in my life! This night now ranks up there with one of the most important days of my life. No, football does not mean that much to me. I am not some crazy person who paints her face and goes all crazy. But, I do love these kids, and I know how much this meant to them, and how much this victory can and will change our school. For most of the players on our team, they have never experienced a win as a Bryant Stampede. For the Seniors on the team, they had never worked so hard. I am SO proud of them. I want the best for them. And this is it. The score was 19-13, in overtime against Central High School -- a team that two years ago won the state 4A championship. Words just can't express the elation from that night -- that has carried over to Monday morning -- the start of Homecoming week. What better way to welcome home our alumni?

The players and the coaches stormed the field, as did almost EVERYONE else in the stands. You would have thought we won the Super Bowl!
One of our quarterbacks, Taylor Swinney, celebrating!

My superhero, Dewayne Vanhorn, as he charges the line for the umpteenth time that night. "We're goin' 10 and in!"
Congratulations guys!!!! I am SO proud of you! Let's do it again Friday night against Hillcrest!
**All photos courtesy of the Tuscaloosa News**

The Helper

Olivia is now of the age when she can start helping out around the house. Why else do people have children??
Helping Daddy cut the grass:
Helping Mom fold clothes:"I don't WANT to do the towels!" She's just so cute, I won't make her help with the towels until next month!

Monday, September 21, 2009


In preparation for being the awesomest (word?) Bryant fans ever, several of us gathered before the Hueytown game for some tailgating - I mean, what's football without food, right? And did we have some food...Man, Bryant has some great cooks!
Bitty in her "Future Stampede" shirt waiting on some grub... The tent outside the stadium:

Me and Bitty celebrating Paul W. Bryant's birthday, in hopes that will bring us luck on the field...
But, no such luck. Bryant did not beat Hueytown, but there is hope! Our team is showing improvement each week. A win is in the air...I can feel it!

Monday, September 7, 2009

She's officially mobile!

We've been seeing the signs for a few weeks now, but here it is on video!! She's a mover and a shaker!! The video is of her crawling, well, hopping, but since I took it on Saturday (9/5/09) morning, I have seen her do a hand/knee crawl with no belly flop. She was seven months old on Wednesday, and she is also pulling up on whatever she can latch on to. I just watched her pull up on the outside of her exersaucer. (Then teeter over and hit the floor, but she pulled up!)

I will not fall asleep, I will not fall asleep....

Friday night after we got home from Bryant's game, we put Bitty in the bed around 9. We heard her playing around 10, so I went in and found her on her back, laughing and talking to Spots. So, I laid her on her belly. We heard her laughing and playing still, but instead of going in there again, I just decided to go when I heard her stop. I would straighten her out then. Before I went to bed at 11, I went into her room and this is what I found. Sitting up, sound asleep, holding Spots.

Bitty's Got Bling!

For her seven month birthday, I finally convinced Michael to let me pierce Bitty's ears. She only cried for about 30 seconds, because she quickly became enamored with all of the other pretty jewelry hanging on the walls of Claire's...ahhhh, her Dad's ADD mixed with my love of pretty things...