Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Walker

It is so funny how quickly Bitty learns and adapts to new things. The Saturday after her birthday (at her party), I remember saying that she could only take a few steps, probably no more than three or four at a time. I was kind of disappointed, because I really wanted her to be able to walk by her first birthday. Not for any particular reason, we just thought it would be cool to have such a huge milestone and event fall together. However, we really didn't have to wait long at all for her to pull through! In the week following her party, it was just like she took off! That was three weeks ago. Now she is practically running! Oh my...the things she is going to get into now!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Vocabulary Words

As a teacher, I am so excited at the thought of helping Bitty learn new words and learn to read, something that I obviously have a passion for. In the last few days, it just seems that she is blooming with new knowledge. Not only is she flat out walking around our house, she is starting to repeat words, and repeat them in the appropriate places. For a few weeks she's been saying baby, ball, and thank you, and recently, night night, shoe, and bath. Also, in addition to these words, she is starting to point to things in her First Words book, with a little prompting. :) I am so excited, and I can't wait to start taking her to the library and letting her pick out her own books!

Translation Guide:
baby = baybeeee
ball = bah or baw (depending)
thank you = tuh ta
night night = nigh nigh
shoe = oo
bath = baa

Our next challenge? Body parts!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Big Brother

I have a big brother, and I wish I were talking about him, right now. He's less scary and doesn't lurk outside my door or in my classes...He doesn't take notes on how bad I suck and deliver the news via broad faculty meeting generalizations. He doesn't (at least not since I was 5) set me up for failure by snatching the rug (of support) right out from under me and expecting me to continue on as if nothing has changed. Just because he is walking the halls does not mean that he is supporting us. He is not helping us; he is scaring us. We want support and assistance from our friends, not criticism and judgment from ones who don't even know our names. What do we have to do right to gain support and a shred of credibility among our fellow schools?
I just want to feel supported, backed up, and most of all, appreciated by those who are so quick to judge.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Secret Sharer

Well, it's not really secret more than it is my desperate attempt to coin a corny name for the post that is spun from a droll Josef Conrad classic.
In other words, this is what goes on while Daddy is in charge. When seeing these pictures for the first time through the camera, it looked like a flip book! Although these pictures look eerily similar, I promise they are just taken quickly and consecutively. She is such a good sharer, and Sadie LOVES to be shared with!

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Snow Day

I always have mixed emotions about weather days. On the one hand, I am SO thankful for not having to be in school on a cold dreary day, but on the other, I want to save those off days for when the weather is pretty in April! Not to mention that the typical weather day isn't necessary anyway. Unlike the day in January though, this day produced actual snow! I got up around 6:30 to nothing. Not even a flurry. I was just about to post a sarcastic remark online when I looked out the door to see big, fat snowflakes! This is how it started:In just a few hours, this is what we got. But sadly, it soon died. Only an hour or so after this picture, the snow on the ground was completely melted.
And, because Bitty has been battling a cold all week long, I didn't feel right about taking her outside, especially since there wasn't much of anything to play in. We walked outside twice, and neither time was she too sure about the white stuff. So, instead, we enjoyed our rare weekday time together curled up with a good book. She randomly brings me books to read to her.

After reading almost every book we own, twice, she decided to entertain herself. In the video below, after she pulled several of the laundry pieces out, she climbed in. This is not the only time she did this tonight, it's just the only time I caught it on tape.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Party

The Birthday Girl in her new birthday outfit! The shirt underneath has a pink giraffe, like her Spots!

Yay for party time! Although Olivia's birthday was last Tuesday, we waited until the Saturday after (the 6th) to have her party. I was actually very nervous as the party host, simply because I have never done it before. There was a mix of our friends and family, and most everyone seemed to have a good time. I'm still bumfuzzled that my baby is ONE year old!!

You know I am a HUGE fan of traditions, so for one birthday tradition, I wanted to start Olivia off with a birthday plate. I made this at All Fired Up. It was meant to be used to eat her cake, but the cake was a little too big for the plate. There are two holes on either side of the words so it can be hung with ribbon.

Her cake was made to match her plate. It was a little on the hot pink side, but in the light of PCA it wasn't too bad! In the background is a cake cutter and server that she got as a baby shower gift from a good friend of the family. The card in it was so sweet. It says that she is to use it for all of her birthday cakes, and then for her wedding. Ugh...makes me cry just thinking about it!
The Party Guests:
Church friends: Katherine, Mattie, Jeremy (whose head is cut off, sorry, JT!), and Karri
The Family on both my parents' sides
The Birthday Twin and her Dad: Ally and David Woolbright The Cottrells: Dedric, Kameka, and Brooklyn
More Church peeps: Alivia & Lindsey, and Shayla & Courtney Noah Jones! He LOVED the ball pit!
Getting ready for cake!
Consulting with new birthday friend, Flower"What am I supposed to do with, Mom?"Not too sure at first...But QUICKLY figuring out what to do...The aftermath... Had Mom not taken it away from her, she would have finished the whole 7 inch cake!
An awesome new bikini! (To go with her new crab pool and sunglasses!!)
LOTS of new clothes! She soon was diving in after them herself...
HOT new Hata'blockas!!
Giving that sweet baby sugar!

It was such a great day. We are so thankful for all of you who came to celebrate with us! We LOVE you!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Nap

I took the day off today to accomplish some things, the main ones being doctor's appointments for both Bitty and me. Her appointment was at 9:30, but mine wasn't until 3, and they were both in Northport. To save a trip back to Coaling, I stayed at my parents' throughout the day. By lunchtime, I was just feeling bad. I'm not really sure why, but I just had anxiety creeping in. I wasn't really sick; I just didn't feel right. My mom needed to go run some errands, and she was going to take Bitty with her, but since she hadn't had a nap all day, I could tell she was going to get cranky soon. So, when Mom left, I put Bitty down in her PackN'Play and I crawled into my parents' bed for a nap of my own. It wasn't a long nap, and I don't really think it was the nap itself that held the healing power for me. I really do think that it was being cuddled up with my Mom's pillow that did it. You know, I don't care how old you get, nothing is better than being snuggled with your Mom, even if it is just her pillow. It was one of the best naps I have ever had.
A Bitty and Mommy nap on the "Snow Day" in January...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One year ago today...

February 2, 2009: 7:47pm -- I can remember this as if I were living it all over again. I am in the hospital bed, staring at the clock, wondering how long it is going to be before I get to push then hold my beautiful new baby in my arms. Little did I know that in one hour from now I would be in an operating room, preparing to have a c-section. I was prepared to go all night - Olivia wasn't. So we had to go in there and get her. The result was this precious picture:

Although I knew that I was instantly bonded the first time I felt her wiggle, then kick, then push my ribs, but I never knew how much I would really love her...until this.

Then I had to leave her there, because she had an apnea episode. No doubt this was the hardest day of my life. She stayed in the NICU for a week.

The first few weeks at home were a struggle for me. I did suffer from some postpartum, and although it was a horrible feeling, I know that I didn't have it as bad as other women, and for that I am very grateful.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time on maternity leave and the time that I got to bond with my precious baby. I took lots of pictures and gave lots of kisses! She is such a sweet and loving little girl!
When I first found out I was pregnant and calculated my due date, I was not excited about being out for the middle of a semester. However, only having a few weeks to go after returning from maternity leave was a sweet deal. Especially since we got to go to the beach after school got out! It was Michael's and my first real beach trip as a couple, and Bitty's first trip, period. She wasn't a huge fan of the water, but we hope that will change for this year!

School started without a hitch, and we stayed busy. Things didn't seem to let up all semester long, and before I knew it it was Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. You know, I have always heard that as an adult the years seem to get shorter, but I have never believed it, until now.

Overall we had an amazing year with our amazing little girl. I can't imagine never having her in my life, and although I know that things will eventually be bumpy because one day she will be a teenager, I know that no matter what I will love her forever. Being a Mom is the best job ever, and I am so proud of my baby. Next to my husband, she is the love of my life. She has changed so much this year - not just in and of herself - she has changed me. I can't believe that she is one, and that this year has flown by so fast. Thank you, Lord, for this precious gift.

Yipes...A Month? My Badness...

I know. I am a rotten person. I can't even begin to apologize enough. It has been a month since my last post (almost). Things have been so crazy everywhere: school, home, and family. We have been praying for so much: surgeries, jobs, and unspokens. I feel certain God sometimes gets tired of hearing from us. I guess I really would think that, except that He has been so faithful in hearing my prayers, that I know that's not the case.
So, my pledge to you for the month of February: I will post AT LEAST twice a week, if not more. I feel like I have so much to catch you up on that I don't know where to start, so I will try to fill in as I go. Oh, and so I don't feel like I am doing this is vain, please feel free to leave me a comment or two. It helps me to stay motivated to write if I know that people are actually reading!