Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And so, we wait...

This is the stupidest game ever. Who chooses to play the waiting game? In my opinion, it's like Monopoly, only worse and longer. For a person who insists on completion (I can't stop reading mid-chapter before bed...I must get to a stopping point no matter how tired I am), a game that seems to be never ending is like torture.
So we went to the doctor yesterday. I had everything packed and ready to go, including daily items for when he said, "Okay, go grab your stuff; we're going on down to labor and delivery." But, instead he said, "Oh, you're only at 1 1/2 centimeters and 75% effaced." WHAT?? I felt like Faith Hill at the announcement of Carrie Underwood as Female Entertainer of the Year. This is ridiculous. I feel so close and so ready, but still nothing is happening. Why do bodies act this way? Why do some people (who aren't due until three weeks after me) already get 3 cm and 80% effaced? Is this some cruel joke? I KNOW it's all in His timing...but honestly, that just isn't a very comforting thought right now, sad but true.
What makes it worse? I am sitting at home, bored and lonely. No amount of thank you cards and laundry can fill this void... AAGGHHH!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


or shall I say, the lack thereof, sucks. At my first weekly appointment on January 6th, I had not started to dilate at all. Only slightly disappointed, I was cool with it because I was still four weeks away from my due date. I went back on the 14th, and I had dilated a centimeter in one week!! I was super excited. This was some sign of progress and something to be excited about. I mean, nine whole months and now we're finally seeing the light!
So, I just KNEW that when I went back yesterday that I would be close to 2cms because Dr. Allen said last week that if I was we could talk about induction - which led me to believe that he believed that I would be close to 2cm. So, Michael met me at the doctor's office, and I was really excited. For nothing. We chatted awhile, Dr. Allen checked my cervix and...nothing. No change, zero, zilch, nada. What the crap?? Nothing?? No, nothing. I am disappointed. Highly disappointed. :( My next appointment is next Tuesday...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Massage

There are so many great and wonderful things that can be said about my bests in Texas, but when they got me a prenatal massage from Tera Lane Salon for Christmas, I just fell in love with them all over again.

I was very excited about the massage, but was very reluctant to dive in to it simply because I didn't know what to expect. I had never had one before, and the only time I had ever been exposed to such is through the television. My prime example: Wanda the Massage Therapist from In Living Color (I highly suggest you find this on YouTube - I did, but couldn't get the link to work on here.). So needless to say, I was slightly intimidated. Could I actually heft my very pregnant self on to the table? Would I have to be completely naked? Where would my belly go?
(<----- This is Wanda.)

When I got Tera Lane, I was really nervous, but was comforted by some friends who work there (one actually runs the salon and was extremely paranoid that I would go into labor there!) so I felt somewhat better. I met the guy who was going to do the massage, and he didn't seem like a freak or anything. He fully explained everything that he was going to do, how I was supposed to lay, and what to expect afterwards (some muscle tenderness, etc...).

The massage itself was WONDERFUL. Except for when I thought I was going to fall off the table, and having to turn over (my hips still hurt), it was absolutely amazing. I highly recommend this - pregnant or not. The majority of the massage was done while lying on my left side, some on the right, and some on my back (when he worked on my neck). There was no need for my belly to go any where - he thought it was funny when I told him my expectations. I wasn't completely naked, and what wasn't clothed was completely covered by a sheet. And, the table/bed was much lower than my own bed at home, which I do have trouble getting in and out of.

All in all it was an amazing experience, and I look forward to next Tuesday...I broke the hour massage up into 30 minute sessions. Let's just hope that I don't go into labor first... :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Last night, Michael and I went on a date for Mexican and to Target. Hot date, I know. That's how we roll.

On the way home, I dropped Michael off at his truck and decided that I wanted a milkshake - something that I have been craving lately. So I dropped by the McDonalds by my school for my strawberry shake, and when I rolled down the window, the smell of fries was overwhelmingly good. So, I thought a small fry wouldn't hurt. However, before I pulled up I had already thought about the cookies that they have there (they're three for a dollar!!) and I thought that would be a great compliment to the shake. So, I ordered a large shake, a small fry, and some cookies. This sounded very normal to me. After I ordered, I heard the girl who took my order chuckle, but I didn't think anything about it until I got to the window. She said, "Do you mind if I ask you a personal question?" I thought this was very strange coming from a McDonalds employee. Intrigued, I told her, "Sure". "Are you pregnant?" she asked. "Because that is an order that only a pregnant woman would place." I died out laughing, some from embarrassment, some just because I guess to an outsider, that is a very strange order! She was a very polite girl and was very tactful in the way she asked!
Just a plug here - the McDonalds at exit 77 is possibly the best in town. I have had nothing but great service here. Except the other day when the milkshake machine was down...


Last Sunday, January 4th, we were blessed enough to have TWO baby showers! The first one was given by our Sunday School class first thing in the morning, and for the second one we took off after church to Birmingham (Moody) for one given to us by Michael's family. We received some really great stuff at both. All things that we needed, only a few duplicates, and many things that we LOVE. I can't wait to see my girl in some of these sweet outfits!! I feel like I will be dressing her up only to undress her and start all over again!

A canvas for her hospital door from several of our friends in Sunday School.

This is just half of it!!
The Diaper Genie...who knew you could get so excited about a fancy garbage can!

It wouldn't be complete without Olivia the pig!!

Here are some pics from shower number two!

A basket FULL of goodies!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Baby Stuff!!

Yesterday, some new stuff was sent to Michael at work from my friends Kirk and Andrea. Kirk sent us a travel system which I was expecting, and Andrea sent a Pack-n-Play - a complete surprise!!. I had not seen either of these (well, I had seen the pattern for the stroller online...) and to see them out of the packages was just beautiful - esp. the PnP because it's houndstooth!! I am very thankful for Kirk and Andrea - not just for the gifts, but for their great friendship. I have known them both since the fifth grade...who knew I would still be good friends with these people almost 20 years later?!?!

Here are some pics:

The pattern of the PnP up close. I'm in love with this pattern!

The finished product: It has a bassinet, a changing table attachment, and storage underneath the bassinet. Oh, and precious ruffles and bows!
The stroller and carseat:

Michael putting it together AND following the instructions!

I really wanted to help, but I had to turn it back over to him because I couldn't make the pin go in. I am a weenie.
The pattern up close.
The finished product!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009!!!

The year of 2008 was a crazy ride. Let's reflect...
Between January and February, we left a business and a church, two extremely difficult decisions that left us very sad and somewhat broken hearted. In March, a new job and a new church home was found. The best moves that we'd made up to this point because we needed healing on so many different levels. Let the healing begin... April was pretty uneventful, except for Michael's birthday and me looking totally hot at prom, which is proven by this: May...I'm pregnant!! I found out a few days before school was out that I am bringing the newest little Harris into the world. Summer was good - I needed to relax and take it easy. It worked because I was really refreshed and ready to start the school year - except for the new additions to my school schedule - Yearbook. A very big, painful headache. This has caused me some drama over the last few months. We plugged away for the fall both busy at our jobs and getting ready for the new baby. In October we learned the new Harris was a girl, and we decided that she would be called Olivia. November was great for me because I got the whole week off for Thanksgiving, a much needed break to get me through the last little part of the school year. Three weeks after that I got out forthe Christmas break. This was the first year that I didn't wait until the VERY last minute to finish my Christmas shopping...I finished on the 23rd. :) Christmas with our families was the best that it has ever been, which brings us up to New Years. We rang in the new year with friends - the ones God blessed us with in February at our new church home...
So, here's to 2009 - I look forward to all of the new things God has in store for us. Let's start in January with a new baby, and see where he takes us from there!!