Monday, April 5, 2010

The Good Eater

Despite last night's meal consisting mainly of fat free jello and mini marshmallows, Bitty normally does really well during meals. She is a good eater, and doesn't hesitate to eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. I was really nervous when she was eating infant food when she would spit out any of the vegetable flavors, especially green beans. But now, green beans are one of her favorites. Same thing with chicken. At first she was not having the texture of chicken. But we didn't give up, and kept trying to give it to her. After about five times, she started to accept the texture in her mouth. However, I struggle in the message that I am trying to send to her. I want her to be healthy, play outside, and be an overall average kid. From both sides of her parents' genes, this poor child comes from at least three generations of overweight people, and I strive to be a healthy role model for her without pressure to be "skinny". That's not necessarily what we want for her at all. We want her to be healthy.
Playing with her jello cup. She picked through the corn and Boston Butt.Working on using a spoon. She can get it to her mouth, but most often turns her hand with the spoon in it an looses it all in her lap. I cleaned a fair amount of jello out of her seat. She kept trying to use the pointed end instead of the scoop. It didn't work for her. Photo-op with Mommy!!