Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Break

Over the break, we didn't do much of anything because the weather was so yucky. It rained and was cold seven of the ten days we were out. On Thursday it finally warmed up enough that we could enjoy being outside for a little while. So, we donned our overall shorts and went to see the "puh-pees"!
Smiling for the camera

She LOVES Sadie and Jonah

On Friday we went to the Riverwalk Park in downtown Tuscaloosa. On the end that we were on there wasn't much of anything to do but walk, so after our Hardee's picnic, we just took some time to spend as a family and enjoy God's beautiful work!

My favorite picture of the WHOLE week.

The river was muddy, but she didn't seem to care

Walking back up the river, Bitty decided she needed a break

So Michael and I took her break time for a photo op.

After the river we rode over to Mom's house. We learned that Bitty loves being outside, but she does NOT love the grass. If she could have stayed on this concrete slab she would have.
Swinging with Gramma

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