Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The House, The Home

Two weeks ago in Sunday School we started a new study on The Home that God Blesses. We have an amazing Sunday School teacher who really knows and loves God's Word, and she is infectious with it. For our first weeks homework we were instructed to create a notebook for class that exemplified our house and home. This is what I chose for ours.

This is our house. We have lived here for almost five years - so hard to believe. We have made it very cozy, often messy, mostly loud, but full of love. I love our house, and I am so thankful for how God has blessed us while in this house. His love for us is amazing, and he shows us everyday.

This is how I know: The pictures that I chose for our home. The only thing not pictured here is our family picture from the beach that has gone missing from my computer, but that's just a tiny glitch in the grand scheme.
This post is pretty much the meaning behind our blog title. Through God, our home and love has multiplied, and it is such a beautiful feeling. My prayer through this Home study is that we learn how to better become a God-centered family and raise Olivia to love Jesus the way He (and we) love her.
My world...

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